Comfort, protection, adaptability are AdiValka’s main priorities — as with our pants, thus with our logo. By Indic tradition, knowledge served a larger purpose than being restricted to books meant only for a select few to be privy to — many ancient practices were steeped in scientific reasoning, and the rangavallis are no exception. Traditionally, the rangavalli was drawn by women outside their houses to create a welcoming and calming effect on a visitor who is just about to enter. 

Rangavallis are the embodiment of the scientific and mathematical principles underlying Indic societies in many ways. In it’s true form, the rangavalli is said to create vibrations that cause it to serve as a center of positive energy. In Vedic times, (and in places, even today) women chant shlokas and mantras while drawing rangavallis. Per ancient knowledge, the vibrations from the chanting combined with the specific symmetry of rangavallis formed the foundation of the rangavalli as a positive energy center. Rangavallis are usually drawn by women in front of their houses before sunrise. As the keeper of the house, it is believed that the woman of the house by chanting mantrams and drawing the rangavalli kept at bay negative energies from impacting her family and home. 

Credit: Sahapedia

The choice of the rangavalli as AdiValka’s logo was an easy one — parallels abound between the philosophy of our brand, and the realities of the rangavalli. A pertinent example is that rangavallis are both aesthetically beautiful, while serving the purpose of having a calming effect on the observer. Similarly, we aim to make AdiValka’s products chic and comfortable, while also providing elements of protection, positivity and balance to the wearer. In adding the rangoli to our logo, we hope to create a similar feeling of balance and calmness for our customers — one that is amplified by our products.  

Our world of rigid structures and tight-fitting schedules is often mirrored in clothing today, and AdiValka’s purpose is to counter this reality. Through our comfortable clothes, We aim to free your mind by freeing your body, and our logo plays its part in this as well. AdiValka’s intention is to be synonymous with feelings of contentment, comfort, and adaptability — thus the welcoming effect the rangavalli is known for makes it the perfect foundation on which to rest our brand.  

Credit: The Hans India
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