The presence of mind, intention, and commitment that is brought to any and all endeavours is one of the key defining characteristics of Indic culture. This is especially the case with the development of kalaripayattu, yoga and traditional dance forms from the region. While each of these art forms and practices are different from each other, they still maintain the common thread of movement with intention. The lessons we learn from these practices form the very heart of India. 

It is then no surprise that AdiValka’s products draw inspiration from these uninterrupted traditions and practices. When we set out, we aimed to create versatile, contemporary products that would enhance one’s practice, and complement their efforts. Our pants serve to allow for all levels and age groups of practitioners to experience restriction-free movement, so that their practice is the most centered and productive it can be. 

When we developed our designs and worked on our brand, our CEO & designer, Manisha Naidu, studied the garments that the first practitioners of these art forms wore. She researched how the garment fell, where it sat on one’s body, how the fabric was draped. She studied this firsthand from the rich heritage of Indian temples.

Many of these temples carry stories of the Ramayana, Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita. They also demonstrate the various ways in which people from generations and centuries past dressed and wore dhotis and related garments — the inspiration for AdiValka’s signature dhoti pants.

Many temples show dancers and yogis in complex splits, difficult postures, and demonstrating not only clear mastery of their chosen practice, but also the ability of the garment to support any kind of movement.

yoga inspiration

AdiValka stems from a deep respect for this knowledge. One of our main missions is to help bring these styles into the contemporary idiom of fashion. In defining the new Indian haute couture, we aim to enhance and promote the ideas of versatility and functionality in fashion as we move forward in our journey. 

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