AdiValka’s mission from day one has been to create fashion with a purpose, while bringing Indic styles and traditions into the contemporary idiom of fashion. Every aspect of the garments we produce is aimed towards this goal — be it the fabrics we use, the cuts of our clothes — every detail (none too small) have been carefully crafted. So with our tassels on our dhoti pants. 

The quintessential accessory in a piece of clothing is a secondary element meant to add to the entire outfit. Chosen to complement the wearer’s look, accessories usually exclusively affect visual impact. In contrast, the tassels that form a part of our pants are created with the purpose of adding elements to the pants that enhance and benefit the wearer.

While our fabrics and cuts work to create a wrap that reaches the highest quality of comfort and style, our tassels complement them by promoting positive, healing and grounding energy that helps center the wearer. We aim for our garments to support the wearer through the day through their three main qualities and functions — adaptability, comfort and protection.

With our Classic Collection, our dhoti pants represent the essence of our brand, complete with rangavalli tassels. Since rangavallis are known to have a welcoming, calming effect on the observer, we aimed to translate that effect onto our garments as well with the tassels.

In our collection, Embracing Ogha, our tassels were made of rudraksha beads, and lava stones. Rudraksha beads are known to support maintenance of a mental and physical balance, and lava stones add to this with their healing and grounding qualities. We also added metal charms of lotuses, Aum, yogis, and the hamsa hastha. We aim for each of these symbols to have a profound impact on the wearer for what they represent.

Lotuses in Indic tradition are foremost symbols of eternity, purity, divinity, and they are widely used as symbols of life and fertility. Aum is known as the sound of the universe. It is all encompassing — it’s understood as the essence of ultimate reality. The symbol represents the sound in a visual form. Being pants derived from the traditions and practices of yoga, the yogi metal charm is apt for our wear, and finally, the hamsa hastha is known across cultures as a protective symbol that protects the wearer from the evil eye. 


In Kalakrama, we took this one step further, and also added tulasi beads and sandalwood beads to our tassels. These elements are said to not only promote spiritual connectivity and radiate positive energy, but also actively combat negative influences and help enhance your meditative practices.

With each step in our journey we aim to push forward and constantly bring you garments that are adaptable, comfortable and protective, but also continue to link you directly to the vast, rich heritage of Indic fabric making, fashion design and the very essence of Indic culture itself.

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