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What’s in The Clothes: Sandalwood Beads

sandalwood beads

Credit: Rudraksha Ratna

Considered one of the purest substances, #sandalwood, one of the most sacred herbs of #Ayurveda, has long been used for its medicinal properties. It’s known in Sanskrit as Chandana, and is primarily indigenous to #India and Asia. Sandalwood is used medicinally in oil form to treat a variety of ailments — from the common cold, to digestive problems, and even mental disorders. The scent of Sandalwood is also particularly aromatic, and is said to be incredibly beneficial as well. 

Sandalwood is an intrinsic part of Indic culture. Heartwood and oil from the tree were among the first items India traded. What’s more, the Sandalwood tree is highly regarded in #Vedic texts, and the heartwood is considered sacred. It is believed that the fragrance of Sandalwood encompasses the scent of paradise. In Ayurveda’s healing tradition, it promotes enthusiasm, energy and is said to increase one’s zest for life.

The substance  also stimulates the mula dhara or the base chakra, thereby believed to enhance your self-trust and self-identity. Not only is it an agent of positive energy in one’s life, but sandalwood also subdues aggression and irritability, and encourages compassion and openness. It is also believed that burning sandalwood near your door welcomes your guests and subconsciously attunes them to the positive energy in your home. 

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AdiValka’s tassels are an integral part of our yoga pants, and in #Kalakrama our tassels included Sandalwood beads. Per Indic tradition, these beads have been appreciated as one of the best meditation tools, and given the context of its myriad health benefits, the beads were the perfect addition to our products. The aroma of sandalwood helps the mind to unwind, and promotes spiritual energy.

Thus sandalwood beads are not only believed to enhance your mediation practices, but also stimulate a sense of awareness. Along with these benefits, in #Buddhist tradition, the sandalwood scent is said to stimulate sensuality, invoke tranquility, and awaken one’s divine thoughts within and promote profound relaxation. With practices of yoga, the yogi metal charm is apt for our wear. Finally, the hamsa hastha is known across cultures as a protective symbol that protects the wearer from the evil eye. 

AdiValka is all about fashion with a purpose. Insofar as we aim to this quality, our inclusion of sandalwood beads in our tassels recalls our mission — to design and produce clothes that form a comfortable wrap, while promoting a sense of #positivity and while bringing certain benefits to the wearer.

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