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What’s in The Clothes: Tulasi Beads

tulasi beads

Credit: Sri Sankara TV

It is well-established that certain beads, certain substances that are considered sacred in Indic society are also said to have myriad benefits and contribute to the welfare and well being of those who use them. Tulasi beads are a definite example of this. 

Tulasi itself is believed to be the most sacred plant for a plethora of reasons — the plant is said to be the earthly manifestation of the deity, Tulasi Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. And, these beads have many known benefits, be those mental, physical or spiritual. 

The beads help the holistic well being of an individual. From a physical perspective, the tulasi beads balance one’s kapha and vata doshas. Tulasi beads for millennia, have been said to relieve the stressed mind and energize it while helping the wearer’s concentration. They are also said to clear one’s aura and bring one closer to their inner Self. 

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From a ritualistic perspective, the beads also have a protective component. They are believed to ward off evil and protect the wearer from bad dreams, accidents and ill-will, while promoting good luck and positivity. With the whole-rounded benefits of the Tulasi plant, these beads promote a sustained feeling of peace. 

At AdiValka, Tulasi beads have been an irreplaceable part of pieces from our collection, Kalakrama — both with our dhoti pants and our kurtis. This collection features combinations of Tulasi and Sandalwood beads, which together work to help our community — the adifam — in working towards the goal of a stress-free, energized and peaceful life. 

AdiValka is all about fashion with a purpose. Insofar as we aim to this quality, our inclusion of these beads in our tassels recalls our mission — to design and produce clothes that form a comfortable wrap, while promoting a sense of #positivity and while bringing certain benefits to the wearer.

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