adi [Sanskrit] — the first in time, beginning ; valka [Sanskrit] — covering, the bark of a tree

AdiValka — the first protective covering

AdiValka comes from India, which has been one of the two largest economies in the world for seventeen of the last twenty centuries. We draw our inspiration from the vast heritage of Indic textiles and apparel have been renowned the world over for millennia for their quality, versatility, attractiveness and had universal appeal. This was made possible by the vibrant Indic civilisation which had an integral view of every aspect of life. AdiValka was born from the desire to create a product that had a deep connection with, and roots within, Indian apparel.

AdiValka is our own humble yet contemporaneous effort to celebrate the unity of both style & function with everyday life. Our designs are intended to reflect this deep harmony of fabric, color, comfort & style through the products that we offer. Our products have found a wide acceptance among people viz adepts, practitioners and learners of different branches of Indic culture yoga , dance, kalaripayyattu , Ayurveda as well as for people who want to express their own personal distinctive styles for normal daily active wear.

We express our gratitude to each and every member of the growing Adivalka community , each of whom, share along with us the deep connect with the flowing strands of Indic knowledge and culture. We hope you will share this experience of the vast tapestry of Indic textiles in some way as you use AdiValka’s products.