Custom Orders

One of the most unique aspects of our business is that we combine our expertise in design and fabrics with our deep commitment to our customers to also offer the following additional services. If you wish to avail any of these services, feel free to reach out to us at

Custom Orders


Event Costumes

Our first commitment is to produce dhoti pants you love. If your measurements don’t quite mesh with our sizes or you have any small adjustments, email us and we’ll work on fulfilling your request.

For a minimum order of 10 pieces, we also offer completely customizable orders. Email us to know more!

If you are a yoga school or dance school looking to create a uniform for your students, reach out! We will work extensively with you to create a uniform that fits your purposes to a T, and captures the essence of your school as well.

We also make ensembles for cultural events that require ethnic inspired wear. Think yoga, dance, kalaripayattu — any Indic cultural programs.

If this sounds like a service you require, reach out!