Ayurvedic Masks

As a brand, we constantly draw our inspiration and find solutions to the modern age from ancient Indic thought, proven to be useful even today. We are introducing comfortable, breathable Ayurvedic face masks as a part of our products to help people protect themselves moving forward.

Our Ayurvedic masks are crafted from fabric that is chemically-free, dyed with medicinal herbs and shrubs — Ayurvastra. This fabric, loosely translated to ‘healthy clothing,’ helps to bring the body back to a state of balance and health. The medicinal dyes used for each kind of mask also adds an added benefit for the wearer, helping boost immunity, protect from toxins, and much more. 

The crafting of Ayurvastra is an ancient technique of dyeing clothes so that they take on the medicinal properties of the herbs used to dye them. 100% organic cotton is used as the base with dyes such as Neem, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, and Tulasi used to infuse the fabric with medinicial properties. Along with each main herb used as a base dye, each fabric is dyed with 50 additional medicinal herbs. 

One of the most important aspects of the masks is that every part of the dyeing and finishing process remains chemical free, allowing the herbs to retain their medicinal properties. This also keeps the fabric free from toxins and irritants, with only natural, eco-friendly processes used to create them. The crafting process also adds to the easy breathable quality of the mask.