The Classic Collection

AdiValka’s dhoti pants and yoga pants are inspired by the varied sari drapes and styles from all over India that have developed over the millenia. The creativity and ingenuity of the sari or dhoti drapes allowed women and men alike to go about their daily activities while still maintaining a fashionable drape. And, as importantly, it demonstrated the idea that fashion was inclusive of comfort, versatility, and functionality — and that has been our aim with our signature dhoti pants.

Drawing inspiration from local draping styles from all over India. We aim to bring to the fore the rich heritage and diversity of Indic wear, bringing it into the contemporary idiom of fashion. Each of these styles of draping represent uninterrupted traditions of India — despite many years and many communities being cajoled, compelled or lured away from their traditional wear, these drapes have withstood the test of time, and continue to be functional and representative of communities today. All of our signature products, of various lengths, and styles all aim to pay homage to, and honour this continuity.

Our most coveted products — our signature dhoti pants — were born of a desire to create the versatile, contemporary products inspired by history of Indian textile, art and culture, Ayurveda, Yoga and Indic traditions. We’ve designed a product appropriate for all age groups, body shapes and suitable for all of one’s different activities in daily life. We especially wanted them to be able to enhance a yoga practitioner’s daily session no matter the style or level.

Thus we present our Classic Collection that inspired our journey. 

Pleated Dhoti Pants

Tulip Dhoti Pants

Cross Cut Dhoti Pants