Dhaaga — The Weave of Threads

AdiValka’s goal, from day one, has been to work on fashion with a purpose. We design and handcraft elevated fashion, inspired by our ancestral traditions. Indian weavers and craftsmen created wonders in handlooms, especially with respect to dyeing and weaving techniques. They did all this with the foundational element called ‘Dhaaga’.

A ‘dhaaga’, which means ‘thread’ in hindi, plays an integral role in the world of fashion. At every stage of production, right from weaving of the fabric up until the last stitch is inlaid, this element is significant. It is because of the dhaaga that the colours, patterns, and designs come alive on the fabric. It fills in the shape to make an embroidery shine, and can make a simple running stitch stand out as it binds two fabrics together.   

From the bouquet of our wondrous Indian handlooms, AdiValka presents two distinctive fabrics — Ikat from Pochampalli and Mangalagiri checked handloom cotton with geometric pattern borders from south India, in our new collection: Dhaaga — The Weave of Threads.

The collection expresses the interweave of sophistication, ruggedness and the Bohemian, while still maintaining the gentle, traditional inspiration. We also spoke to our adifam, and heard your most requested element, bringing in dhoti pants with pockets!

In Dhaaga, the beauty and craftsmanship doesn’t end with the fabric, but extends into the embellishments we’ve used. Our embellishments recall our grandparents’ hand stitched garments with prominent uneven stitches. They celebrate our talented unsung grandmothers who could sew anything from simple hand stitches, to shapes like stars, flowers and more, in the name of hand embroidery that adorned previously plain garments.

In celebrating this rich heritage, we present to you, Dhaaga — The Weave of Threads.

Dhaaga — The Weave of Threads