Kalakrama — The Rule of Art Sanctioned By Tradition

Uninterrupted traditions are the foundation of Indic culture — they are the bedrock on which dance, music, fashion — in fact the very essence of this culture lies. Passed down from generation to generation be it by spoken word, in practice or by the written word — the strength of India lies in it’s individuals and communities who have kept these practices alive for millenia.

AdiValka honors this generational knowledge, connection and effort with our new collection, Kalakrama: The Rule of Art Sanctioned By Tradition. It’s inspired by the Indic heritage of dance, yoga and kalaripayattu, and formed at the confluence of the age-old traditions of kalamkari fabrics and handloom fabrics honouring the skill of textile artists. Each design represents AdiValka’s mission of bringing together the Indic traditions of fabric making and clothing, with the contemporary idiom of fashion. 

Per our promise to our customers, our collection not only uses the best 100% cotton fabrics that are designed for our products, while continuing our own tradition of adding protective elements to the products themselves. In Kalakrama we embellish our garments with rudraksha beads, sandalwood beads and tulasi beads in the form of buttons and tassels. These elements are said to not only promote spiritual connectivity and radiate positive energy, but also actively combat negative influences and help enhance your meditative practices. 

The next step in our journey at AdiValka, Kalakrama represents our effort to bring forth a product that not only fulfils the promise we make of garments that are adaptable, comfortable and protective, but also continue to link you directly to the vast, rich heritage of Indic fabric making, fashion design and the very essence of Indic culture itself.

Kalakrama — The Rule of Art Sanctioned by Tradition