Men's Dhoti Pants

A little bit about your favourite men’s dhoti pants. AdiValka’s products have roots within Indian apparel, and are grounded in the Indic philosophies of versatility and adaptability.

Our designs are inspired by the flowing lines of Indic cuts that have withstood the tests of time and tradition. They are meticulously crafted to not only meet, but surpass the exacting standards and quality that defines brands like AdiValka in today’s market.

We design our products to carry the contemporary idiom of fashion, while incorporating features that lend themselves to functionality and protection. This is afforded both by the fabric and form of the garment. They are inspired by the history of Indian textiles, art and culture, Ayurveda, yoga and Indic traditions.

AdiValka’s dhoti pants are based off the kachche dhoti. All texts and pictures we referenced indicated that the garment worn by yogis (especially female yogis) during long practice sessions was, at its core, a piece of cloth wrapped around one’s waist. This cloth was draped such that the wearer had completely free and flexible movement.

Depending on occasion, people varied the length, style and type of drape they used. Per our research, the kachche dhoti style was, and continues to be, the most commonly used garment for what can today be termed active wear — think yoga, dance, kalaripayattu, and what have you.

AdiValka’s signature handmade designer men’s dhoti pants are the confluence of the best of Indic tradition and modern fashion.