Kunkum Yuvaki Dhotipants with Rangavalli Border


The Pants

100% cotton signature kumkum dhotipants

Rangavalli printed border

Handmade genuine rudraksha beads & lava stones tassels with hamsa hatha motif

Wash & Care

  • Hand-wash only (as per the nature of pure cotton fabrics, expect some shrinkage on washing).
  • Hand dry in shade or flat surface.
  • Iron with low-heat.
  • No bleaching, dry cleaning, tumble drying.
  • No harsh soap agents.

Expect delivery within three weeks of placing the order, unless expedited shipping is specifically requested and paid for.


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Returns are accepted with exceptions. View shop policies before beginning a return.


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Signature cut kunkum dhoti pants are made from 100% soft cotton, that creates an amazingly comfortable & supportive wrap. They stand out because of their broad contrast kesari border with rangavalli handblock prints. Further the pants are complemented by handmade genuine rudraksha beads and lave stone tassels with a hamsa hastha motif that protect the wearer by bringing happiness and promoting positive energy. These versatile, modern dhoti pants are appropriate for all age groups, body shapes and suitable for different activities in daily life. We especially love them for a practice of all styles and all levels of yoga, without any restrictions and complete mobility and freedom.

These modern dhoti pants are from AdiValka’s Embracing Ogha collection. Ogha is the Sanskrit word which means uninterrupted traditions. This collection represents our effort to give you products made from genuine raw materials that are treated with the intention of bringing you, the wearer, happiness and promoting positive energy, using rudraksha and lava beads, and metal charms like the hamsa hand, Om and the lotus flower. These elements are known to have healing effects and protect the wearer from unwanted energies. It also incorporates animal motifs inspired by Indian folk and tribal art, representing the creative energy found in rural India that forms the undercurrent to the craftsmanship of the tribal people. Each of these elements of the pants represent various uninterrupted Indic traditions — from the handloom fabrics to the hand block prints, motifs, and the cuts of the garments.

Fabrics & Materials
The fabrics we use are sourced from the best vendors to provide our handcrafted products; they are usually hand spun, woven or treated. Our business supports local artisans and ancient traditions that form the uninterrupted traditions of India. We have curated our sources from the best cotton providers in India — we aim for ethical sourcing and fair trade of our materials and make a special effort to be environmentally conscious. We make sure that you as a customer can have the best wholistic experience of our products.

We use only fabrics with natural colours. Due to this the colours may vary slightly product to product and might fade slightly with first two washes.

Wash Care Instructions
At AdiValka we work really hard at our craft, to create a product you will love, and so we have developed a specific set of wash-care instructions to ensure that they retain their quality for as long as possible. Our products are all made from hand-loom fabrics, so we recommend hand-wash only with a mild cleanser for these fabrics. Always wash your fabrics with a gentle touch — don’t scrub the garment. Some fabrics will bleed colour for the first one or two washes, so we recommend washing them separately initially. Also remember, per the nature of pure cotton fabrics, you should expect some shrinkage on washing.

For drying, we recommend hand drying the products in the shade, preferably on a flat surface, so that the fabric is not exposed to harsh conditions. And lastly, if you’re ironing the garment, use a low-heat setting.

Do not bleach, dry clean, tumble drying, and use harsh soap agents for these products.

To take extra care, soak them in cold water diluted with salt the first time before washing – this helps with the colour bleeding and in retaining the vibrancy of the colour.


Expect delivery within three weeks of placing the order, unless expedited shipping is specifically requested and paid for.


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