Embracing Ogha

Built on traditions and a cultural identity millennia old, AdiValka always draws its inspiration from its vast Indic heritage. Our products incorporate unbroken practices from Indian textiles, arts, and natural elements and aim to protect and benefit the wearer in myriad ways, as well as celebrate the unity of style and function in everyday life.

The pants are from AdiValka’s Embracing Ogha collection. Ogha is the Sanskrit word which means uninterrupted traditions. This collection represents our effort to give you products made from genuine raw materials that are treated with the intention of bringing you, the wearer, happiness and promoting positive energy, using rudraksha and lava beads, and metal charms like the hamsa hand, Om and the lotus flower. These elements are known to have healing effects and protect the wearer from unwanted energies. It also incorporates animal motifs inspired by Indian folk and tribal art, representing the creative energy found in rural India that forms the undercurrent to the craftsmanship of the tribal people. Each of these elements of the pants represent various uninterrupted Indic traditions — from the handloom fabrics to the hand block prints, motifs, and the cuts of the garments.

In that vein, we present our first true collection, Embracing Ogha—Uninterrupted Traditions.