Handwoven Ikat TaruNi Dhoti Pants

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The Dhoti Pants

100% handloom Ikat cotton

Patch pockets

Handmade tassels

Wash & Care

  • Hand-wash only (as per the nature of pure cotton fabrics, expect some shrinkage on washing).
  • Hand dry in shade or flat surface.
  • Iron with low-heat.
  • No bleaching, dry cleaning, tumble drying.
  • No harsh soap agents.

Expect delivery within three weeks of placing the order, unless expedited shipping is specifically requested and paid for.


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Our classic Handwoven Ikat Yuvaki Dhoti Pants are handcrafted from handloom Ikat cotton, with patch pockets inspired from the potli bags our naani’s carried their belongings in. Note the soft blurring of the patterns and the smooth blend of the colours of the fabric. The pocket is embellished with Indigo printed fabric, marked by contrast running stitches. The contrast indigo printed borders and handmade tassels finish the garment with that sophisticated bohemian flavour, while still being strongly rooted in the Indic chic.

Our handloom Ikat  cotton Yuvaki Dhoti Pants are from Dhaaga — The Art of Threads. Read more about our collection here.

Fabrics & Materials

The word “Ikat” is of Indonesian origin, and it implies the act of tying or binding, recalling the technique of making the distinctive ikat fabrics. Immediately identifiable by how the edges of the patterns softly blur and how the colours in the fabric are smoothly blended into each other, ikat fabric is coloured through the ‘resist dyeing’ technique. Bundles of yarn are tightly bound using a wrapping (think plastic, mud, wax, starch) in the desired pattern, and then dyed. The wrapped portions are left untouched, i.e. ‘resist’ the dye, while the others are now coloured and patterned.
Ikat comes in a variety of forms — Warp Ikat, Weft Ikat, and what we at AdiValka use, Double Ikat. Double Ikat fabrics stand out for their hypnotising intricate geometric designs that spread out over the soft cotton. Easy, soft, and comfortable, the fabric is light and naturally breathable — perfect to fashion into your favourite AdiValka yoga, ethnic and fusion wear.
The fabrics we use are sourced from the best vendors to provide our handcrafted products; they are usually hand spun, woven or treated. Our business supports local artisans and ancient traditions that form the uninterrupted traditions of India. We have curated our sources from the best cotton providers in India — we aim for ethical sourcing and fair trade of our materials and make a special effort to be environmentally conscious. We make sure that you as a customer can have the best holistic experience of our products.

We use only fabrics with natural colours. Due to this the colours may vary slightly product to product and might fade slightly with first two washes.

Wash Care Instructions
At AdiValka we work really hard at our craft, to create a product you will love, and so we have developed a specific set of wash-care instructions to ensure that they retain their quality for as long as possible. Our products are all made from hand-loom fabrics, so we recommend hand-wash only with a mild cleanser for these fabrics. Always wash your fabrics with a gentle touch — don’t scrub the garment. Some fabrics will bleed colour for the first one or two washes, so we recommend washing them separately initially. Also remember, per the nature of pure cotton fabrics, you should expect some shrinkage on washing.

For drying, we recommend hand drying the products in the shade, preferably on a flat surface, so that the fabric is not exposed to harsh conditions. And lastly, if you’re ironing the garment, use a low-heat setting.

Do not bleach, dry clean, tumble drying, and use harsh soap agents for these products.

To take extra care, soak them in cold water diluted with salt the first time before washing – this helps with the colour bleeding and in retaining the vibrancy of the colour.

Expect delivery within three weeks of placing the order, unless expedited shipping is specifically requested and paid for.


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  1. webiverse01 (verified owner)

    Team knows the best of fabric and the way a dhoti should be professionally stitched. A must buy for every traditional fabric and dress collector like me…

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